Friday, December 26, 2008

P.S. My other obsession, Look at that face!

We saw "Hoy" today after 2 weeks of craziness that kept us from him.I love that face. He is sooo cute. What A good horse he is! He is at a new barn, putting on weight, and doing just fine. We moved him the end of November for reasons I do not want to get into, but for his and our own well fare. He is farther away, so harder to visit on a daily basis and I miss him terribly. He is a great horse! He tries to please us so much, and is so patient with us as we learn about him. We left him in his snowy pasture, next to his cute little mare girlfriend, all happy and warm and munching on the X-mas treats we left him. We love you "Hoy Boy!"

Definite ramblings on a snowy afternoon

Sometimes I think I am an adult with ADD! I go from one thing to another so quickly. That is why my interests are all over the place. I have been so consumed with paper crafts and mixed media assembleges lately. I made quite a few things to decorate my house for the holidays. It has all come to a screaching halt! So now I am back into my PMC phase.

I have been enamored with PMC since I heard of it 6-7 years ago. I have taken some classes from Nancy Miller, in Saratoga Springs. She is a wonderful teacher and artist who shares freely what she has learned. I have wanted to make my own texture tools using photo polymer plates & the tear away technique. I believe they will give me the type of texture I want on pieces I want to do. I have yet to master either of them so, as the procratinator I am, I have done nothing!. I bit the bullet today and ordered what I needed to make my own photo polymer plates. I had some of the supplies but not all of them. This is one technique, Nancy, my instructor, has not mastered either. Maybe, I will end up teaching her! She has explained and I have read about the tear away technique, but being a visual, hands on learner, I need to look into this more. I purchased some PMC, now I need to organize my space so I can work more efficiently. I have an office/studio space that I have yet to unpack. I am ashamed to say, what I have been doing, has been out of boxes. I get an extra weeks vacation this year and I think I will take a week early 2009 and do a huge organization job. I want to come home from work and walk into my space and be able to work on whatever I want without being frustrated. That's it! I'm frustrated! I cannot find anything, I have no space. How can I do what I want when the place is a mess! Money is an issue. Being a single mom of 2 teenagers with no child support is hard. They come first. I will do the best I can. That is my motto. "Do the best that you can do with what you have." So humor me, as I write this, this readerless blog I have. This is great therapy. I can get out what I have on my mind whether it makes sense or not and just feel better because I got it out. Thank you blog....for being there. I hope my art will improve and grow, I hope my relationships will improve & and grow in the coming year.And I hope 2009 brings an organized space and a working knowledge of PPP;s and the tear away technique, among many other things. Happy New Year to me and to all of you out there in blog land

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maybe someday....

I so want to be part of this blogging world. I get so much inspiration from others that do. My interests range from jewelry making with PMC, to collage, & mixed media paper arts. I am a fledgling artist, getting better at my skills all the time. I am having trouble getting my thoughts out there. I in no way expect to be as philosophical as Nina, and can only hope to half as good as some of the artisans I link to. I would like to communicate as often as I can. I will continue to comment and if any of you come to my blog, give me suggestions as to how I may expand my horizons. creating gives me the peace I long for. I get so absorbed in what I am doing, time flies! I get so little time to create the ideas swirling in my head. So many get lost. Someday I hope to attend some of the art retreats that have instructors whose work I admire so much. Not many come to the east coast that I am aware of. I will keep plugging away and learning as I go, and I will see what happens.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here's what I'm up to...

My creativity has been at a peak. I'm not even unpacked and all I can do is sit at my artdesk and play. I am trying to make some Christmas decorations for my house and possibly to sell on my etsy site. The rusty star is my take on the one that graces the cover of Somerset Studio's cover. I am not finished with it yet. I need to put it aside and work on something else. I also want to do a banner. I started it. I want it to say "be merry". I keep stalling on this as well. Is this normal to get started on a project and come to a screeching halt? I made a Sally Jean inspired ornament. My soldering skills need to get better but all in all I was happy with the result. I only burnt my fingers once! My little blue birdhouse is also inspired by the colors on Sally Jean's website. I have always LOVED that color combination, mixed with chocolate brown. We will see what happens with that. Oh so much to do & not enough time to do it!!!! I will get some extra art time in this week due to falling down the stairs and spraining my ankle pretty badly. Note.... let the dog get down the stairs first if it wants to! Still this time of year is crazy at work. I hate working in a retail environment around the holidays. There is no time to enjoy it. I am going to try to make time but it's hard. Thats all for today. Lots of stuff to do before I hobble off to work.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

How quick things change

You will read this post and probably say "OH,my GOSH! Things sure do change fast." And they have. In the end of June I decided I needed to end my turmultous marriage of 15 years. A month after that my kids & I moved to a new home once again. I feel my life is truly changing now. With every change I have had in the past few years I had hoped that THAT change was going to be for the best. It never was. I finally got the courage to change the one thing that I feel was drowning me and that was to end my marriage. Once I made that decision, I have never looked back. So many good things have happened to me since and the kids and I all seem so much happier. Yes, there are still problems, however they are problems I can solve. The problem with my marriage was that it was a problem I could not solve. Only my husband could and he did not see it as a problem or want to change it.

Since moving I have a renewed energy and creativity. I look at everything a bit different. I see a future ahead of me with lots of adventure. So here I go again.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Back..finally!!!!!!!

It's been awhile and some changes have been made. After moving last September, we no longer had broadband. Yes, we have good ole dial up. It's the pay off to living in what I call God's country, heaven on earth. I lost my step mom in October to cancer, after a diagnosis in mid September. Life has been a kind of blur since. Spring has brought out the life in me and ignites my hopes for the future. I purchased a copy of "Artful Blogging" and it inspired me to start my blog again. After an hour or so of trying to retrieve my user name & password, I am here. I find this process of putting my words out in cyberland helps me connect to my soul. I can share the little joys in my life with others who share their joys with me. I love reading others blogs who have similiar interests as I. It also rekindles a spark sometimes buried deep inside to create what I love and write about my simple pleasures and be me. The real me is so far beneath the surface and is fighting to come out. I am buried beneath responsibility, sorrow, and frustration. I want to be me ,and live a joyful life. I am on this journey and plan to make this blog a journal of what I find inspiring. I look forward to meeting new friends and freeing my spirit.

The picture I have included for this post is part of my little sanctuary I am trying to create on my deck. My favorite thing to do these days is sit out there in the morning listening to the birds and having my coffee. It is my meditation of sorts.