Friday, December 26, 2008

Definite ramblings on a snowy afternoon

Sometimes I think I am an adult with ADD! I go from one thing to another so quickly. That is why my interests are all over the place. I have been so consumed with paper crafts and mixed media assembleges lately. I made quite a few things to decorate my house for the holidays. It has all come to a screaching halt! So now I am back into my PMC phase.

I have been enamored with PMC since I heard of it 6-7 years ago. I have taken some classes from Nancy Miller, in Saratoga Springs. She is a wonderful teacher and artist who shares freely what she has learned. I have wanted to make my own texture tools using photo polymer plates & the tear away technique. I believe they will give me the type of texture I want on pieces I want to do. I have yet to master either of them so, as the procratinator I am, I have done nothing!. I bit the bullet today and ordered what I needed to make my own photo polymer plates. I had some of the supplies but not all of them. This is one technique, Nancy, my instructor, has not mastered either. Maybe, I will end up teaching her! She has explained and I have read about the tear away technique, but being a visual, hands on learner, I need to look into this more. I purchased some PMC, now I need to organize my space so I can work more efficiently. I have an office/studio space that I have yet to unpack. I am ashamed to say, what I have been doing, has been out of boxes. I get an extra weeks vacation this year and I think I will take a week early 2009 and do a huge organization job. I want to come home from work and walk into my space and be able to work on whatever I want without being frustrated. That's it! I'm frustrated! I cannot find anything, I have no space. How can I do what I want when the place is a mess! Money is an issue. Being a single mom of 2 teenagers with no child support is hard. They come first. I will do the best I can. That is my motto. "Do the best that you can do with what you have." So humor me, as I write this, this readerless blog I have. This is great therapy. I can get out what I have on my mind whether it makes sense or not and just feel better because I got it out. Thank you blog....for being there. I hope my art will improve and grow, I hope my relationships will improve & and grow in the coming year.And I hope 2009 brings an organized space and a working knowledge of PPP;s and the tear away technique, among many other things. Happy New Year to me and to all of you out there in blog land

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