Monday, May 25, 2009

LIfe is good, not enough time to do all I want to do

I love spring. It never used to be a favorite season...I hate mud! But lately I have been devouring all that life offers. Kids are growing, developing interests of their own. they need me less & less. A good thing and bad. Work keeps me busy as usual, but I relish the quiet of my 5 am country mornings while the birds begin their daily sonata. I have planted flowers to welcome them and butterflies and remind me of my Dad & Gin's wonderful garden. Everything is so green,my favorite color. Babies are everywhere! Human babies, kittens, gangly foals, baby birds in the nest above my deck. Ideas for PMC and collages whirl in my head. I can't seem to sit down long enough to finish much. I've been to a beautiful wedding celebrating the beginning of a new partnership and witnessed the death of my dad who I longed for his acceptance. It's been an eventful spring. Full of life, and it's end. Spring is a stepping stone into the rest of the year and I am going to relish each and every ounce of it I can. Life is good and I am grateful for what I am.