Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I big fat heart this!

This dresser is painted with chalk paint from Anne Sloan. I just adore this in all it's perfect blue, distressed, perfectness. This project was from I drool over the stuff on this blog on almost a daily basis. I have inherited an antique secretary from my mother in law, that needs some love. I have been surfing the web looking for ideas, and this may be it! I finally have some time & energy to work on some projects around the house. I will post pictures...stay tuned!!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Doing the right thing

Sometimes I am challenged and succumb to levels that other people live by. I remind myself often, that to be happy, truly happy, in life, that you need to surround yourself with positive, ethical, motivated people. Thank Goodness, I do not hold on to anger long. Anger makes me sour and hateful, feelings I do not like. That does not mean, I will allow people to walk all over me either.

 The older I get, the more obvious it is, how different folks can interpret any one situation. I remind myself of this and try to be more understanding and accepting of those involved. There is only so much one can do, when having done something unselfish, for a good cause is misinterpreted and taken advantage of. It was not about my ego, it was about helping and making a difference. The sad thing about this is that I will think twice about helping again. Most likely I will help, but I will definitely be more aware of the egos around me.

As for the lesson I have learned from this situation. I will distance myself from those that make me sad and angry, and continue to look for companions that inspire me. I have come a long way. There was a day when I would have fed off the negativity, like a piranha. Now, it is like water off a ducks back. You live and you learn!
I want my daughter to learn these lessons. I am not sure if she gets it or not, but I am happy to say, she isn't into gossip and drama that would hurt people. She has gotten hurt a lot in the past few years and understands the damage that it can do. Life is truly too short. Each and every day, one needs to do something that will make themselves happy. Look for those things however small they may be. Life is not about egos, it is about people, and nature, and love and beauty. I started by doing small things for myself, that I could not do when working a stressful job with an alcoholic husband, who didn't work at home. I made some changes, some, not my own idea, and have moved forward.A year ago, I was a very sad, frustrated, negative person. Today, I look forward to each day and am thankful for those positive people in it.