Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

With the economy in a down turn many breeders & trainers can no longer afford to take care of their horses. Some of you may have heard about the recent seizure of improperly cared for racehorses that was in the news locally. Many, many racehorses become injured, or owners, for whatever reason, do not want them anymore. Many of these horses have been sent to auctions to be bought by slaughterhouses. Horse meat is still a delicacy in Asia & Europe. Ferdinand, a Kentucky Derby winner, ended up on someone's dinner plate after his owner claimed him useless and sent him to slaughter. To me, this is a sin! These horses have given us so much. They deserve so much better than this. With some attention and care they can have 2 nd careers as companions, show horses, trail, jumping, dressage horses, etc. We own one of these horses. His name is "Hoy". He came from the Finger Lakes track and ended up in a local rescue New Beginnings Equine Rescue. After the death of my daughters 22 Year old Quarter Horse, we decided we wanted to do our part and adopt one of these wonderful horses. Growing up just outside of Saratoga Springs, NY., I had been exposed to the racing scene most of my life. I always admired them & was in awe of their strength & beauty. Little did I know at the time, the horrors that go on behind the scene. Many good people, are working very hard to change all of that. The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation,, is one of those, based in Saratoga Springs. Others include the Excellor Fund, & Canter.

We have owned "Hoy" for 3 + years and have worked hard to retrain him. My daughter, Mariah, shows him in local shows, and will be learning dressage with him this year. He is sweet, funny, and charming, and we love him to death. I wish I could love more horses the way we love him. Space, time & of course money prevents us from doing that. My hope is that by doing my small part and educating others and volunteering my services when I can, I can help in a small way and maybe inspire others to do as well. The Kentucky Derby will be run once again next week. Take a look at the sites I listed . Maybe it will tug at your heart strings as it has done mine.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I started! Unfired PMC & PPP's

I took some time last week, grabbed some silver and just began! I grabbed my pre made mold of a running horse I had made some time ago and mounted it on a textured disc. Once fired I will string it on a black cord. The back of the pendent says "live to ride". The small discs will be components in another project. The scraps I used to make a focal bead and hopefully will be a component in a bracelet. I will post the results when I finish them.

I also experimented with making photo polymer plates. I finally had all the "stuff" I needed. I used black & white images and made these plates for use with metal clay. I want to make more equine pieces because that is where my heart is. Not quite sure at this point what we will do, but I am anxious to see. I also made a PPP with a horsey quote for use on one of the pieces. I took the quote, reversed it on a transparency, attached to the PPP, it was exposed to UV light for 1 minute, & whoola, a plate for printing. It wasn't quite that easy but that's the abbreviated version. Stay tuned for whats to come!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life goes on!

Today I need to accept that life goes on. I love making beautiful things and I have been trying to occupy my time thinking of new projects. I am very interested in digital art and am reading a couple of books about it trying to teach myself. I want to use what I make, collages & such, in charms made from PMC or Bronze clay. I have so many ideas that it overwhelms me and I don't start anything. I just need to focus & just start. I will chronicle my efforts in upcoming posts.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In memorium

It has been a hard few days. I held my Dad's hand Friday night as he passed away. Cancer had ravaged his body. His beloved wife Virginia ( my step mom) had died 18 months earlier from the same disease. My dad tried to fight but we all know in our heart of hearts that he wanted to be with Ginny. They had retired to a cabin in the Adirondacks where they had a wonderful 15 years, fishing, camping, gardening, and just enjoying life. Our family has many wonderful memories of times spent with them there. I was able to spend some time with my dad these past few weeks as he needed almost constant care. I would care for him on my days off to give my sister a break. My other siblings had done the same. Our relationship had been a tumultuous one, but I think in the past few years a peace had come between us. I heard him tell me he loved me many times these past months when I had longed to hear that from him as a younger person. I will miss that sparkle in his amazing blue eyes when he was teasing you and his sense of humor. We never had heart to heart talks, and I am not sure he knew who I really am as a person. I was always able to just sit quietly with him. I will always remember seeing the glow of his cigarette as he watched a night time thunderstorm, as I would usually wake to join him. I laugh to myself remembering, as a child once again, watching him fish while I sat on a hill behind him. After catching a fish he tossed up the hill towards me, made me scream. To his surprise, I ran down the hill right into the lake. He wasn't expecting that! I think he taught every grandchild in the family, not to eat bread crusts and throw them on the floor, and what "pull my finger" meant. Ginny was (is) his soul mate. After her death he would sit in his chair to watch the sun go down, her empty chair right next to him and talk to her. He told me one day when he sleeps, she curls up to his back, as she always had done. However, when he reached back to touch her she was gone. Ginny was cremated after her death. Her ashes were placed in dad's casket with him and they are buried in a country cemetery under an amazing red beech tree . I think I am going to try to find a marker that says "Gone Fishing". That would be so appropriate. We found this amazing picture of them in their beautiful garden, they tended together. It has an ethereal feel to it. It's like they are in their garden in heaven smiling down on us. May you both rest in peace and be there waiting when I come to join you.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thought for today

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
Mohandas Gandhi

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My baby is 14 today.

Fourteen years ago I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I was told it was a blustery day like today.Very appropriate because her name is Mariah. I was in labor & delivery and could not see outside. She was born via C-section after some difficulties, and my life was immediately better. I had a little girl! She is my joy. Many say she is a mini me, with the animals,art,and opinions. She has beautiful curly hair which she wishes was straight. Just like I did when I was her age. Maybe someday she will embrace the beauty of it. She is a strong girl who never hesitates to tell you how she feels. I love to watch her ride her horse. They are beautiful together. She's not sure what she wants to do with her life, but whatever she decides , I am sure she will do well. Mariah, I love you with all my heart. I love you baby, and know that everything I do is for you to have a good life. Have a good day!