Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I started! Unfired PMC & PPP's

I took some time last week, grabbed some silver and just began! I grabbed my pre made mold of a running horse I had made some time ago and mounted it on a textured disc. Once fired I will string it on a black cord. The back of the pendent says "live to ride". The small discs will be components in another project. The scraps I used to make a focal bead and hopefully will be a component in a bracelet. I will post the results when I finish them.

I also experimented with making photo polymer plates. I finally had all the "stuff" I needed. I used black & white images and made these plates for use with metal clay. I want to make more equine pieces because that is where my heart is. Not quite sure at this point what we will do, but I am anxious to see. I also made a PPP with a horsey quote for use on one of the pieces. I took the quote, reversed it on a transparency, attached to the PPP, it was exposed to UV light for 1 minute, & whoola, a plate for printing. It wasn't quite that easy but that's the abbreviated version. Stay tuned for whats to come!

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