Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Night Song

I have spent the last few days working on my 2 nd girly painting. I am calling this "Night Song". I am thrilled how it turned out. I finished the face this morning then the rest just flowed. Before I knew it the day was gone and it was finished. It was a blast! I thought of the title and decided on the quote as I rode to the barn this evening. The quote is an old chinese proverb , and says, " A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song." I am so inspired by the art work of DJ Pettit as well as Kelly Rae Roberts, and Misty Mawn. The ideas are spinning in my brain. It's exhausting but fun. Can't wait to see what I do next!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My 1 st attempt at a "girly "painting

I am being very brave showing you my first attempt at doing one of those "girly" paintings. I am not totally thrilled with it and may redo the face. I had a blast doing it. I am basically self taught. One wish I have is to attend one of those artist retreats, but until then, I learn through books, magazines (Stampington Publications, Cloth, Paper, Scissors)and artist blogs who share techniques. I have no idea what my style will be. I assume as I continue to work something will emerge. All I can say is that it makes me very happy to do this. I feel energized & content at the same time. I will continue to post what I do, if for no other reason but to journal my progress.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank You

I was on vacation last week and bought the book "Taking Flight", by Kelly Rae Roberts. I had visited her blog awhile ago , then just got away from it. Anyway, I read her book from cover to cover and took the time and did a painting ala "KRR". Her book was so appropriate for me. I always feel there is something missing and I feel the need to create. I am so absorbed & happy when I am in this place. Unfortunately, I do not always have the time when I am working and carting kids around and taking care of animals. This book made me realize that I am not alone in this struggle. My mind is so busy going 100 miles an hour about everything else, I forget about me and the small details in life. I received a lot of "food for thought" from her book and will refer back to it many times in the future. There is an artist inside of me, there always has been. I just need to find my niche, whether it is painting, PMC jewelry, photography, or a combination of all 3! I haven't posted in awhile, summer has kept me busy and I have been grieving from the death of my Dad in April. A gruff man who I loved deeply, but he didn't know how to show his love to me. All I wanted was for him to be proud of me. I don't think he ever was, because he did not know the real me. I helped care for him that last month and I thought I made my peace with him. Events since his death have now made me wonder. There is no way I will ever have an answer so I will just go on and be the best person I can be. I live to make my kids happy and am trying to pick up the pieces of my marriage and make that work as well.

I read about a woman named Megan on Kelly's blog who has cancer,but insurance has denied her proper treatment.This is a subject close to my heart after loosing my step mom & dad in the last 18 months and now have my sister being treated for breast cancer. Kelly did a wonderful thing and put a fundraiser on her popular blog to raise money for Megan's treatment. I donated what I could. It was not much, as I live paycheck to paycheck. It felt really good to do that for Megan. I just found out I won the giveaway from Kelly. I am blown away! I didn't expect that at all! So Thank You! May we all be inspired to help someone that needs it and know that even doing something small can have a huge impact.