Friday, October 30, 2009


Okay, I took one of my sketches, transferred it to a small canvas and started to play. I collaged. I painted. I textured. I love texture. I had a real hard time getting the color right on the horse. I'm not sure if I am thrilled with it, but here it is. I am just using cheap acrylic paints. I am always very hard on myself. I started another canvas with my other sketch. I need to do some other things today so I'll just let that one sit at the moment. At least I am somewhat motivated to do something the past couple of days. I have in the back of my mind to do metal clay bezels, photoshop my paintings to fit, then fill with resin to make pendents. I am also thinking about transferring my work to fabric and doing something there as well. Lots of ideas, lets see what becomes of them.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lost my mojo......

Aaaarrrrrgghhh...........Where has it gone? Why can I not get it back? Lately I cannot bring myself to do anything. I have been sitting here looking at the 2 horse sketches I did a few weeks ago. Maybe, and I mean maybe, I will be so inspired to do something with them. I was just sitting at my desk and sketching while reading my Facebook page and was very happy with the results. I wasn't trying to hard or expecting perfection and whoola! Usually I do try to hard and am VERY critical of the results. Time will tell where these sketches will lead.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Harvest & Memories favorite time of the year. I love the colors, the crisp air, and all else that comes with it. Yesterday, I took a short trip to Schoharie, with my Mom, to buy vegetables to freeze and can. I remember taking this trip as a child with my Mom and Grandmother. We would stop at all the farm stands and load up on apples, potatoes, and if I was lucky cider donuts, YUM! I also remember the 50 lb bag of carrots my Grandmother inevitably would buy every year. I considered buying a bag this year, but mostly for the horses. Once home, potato peelers in hand, we children would have the task of peeling that 50 lb bag of carrots. Not so fun. Nonetheless,I still begged to be included on this annual trip. I'm not sure just when this annual trek ended. Maybe around the time my parents divorced. In later years this trip was replaced with our fall trip to Vermont, up historic Rt 7, to the Jelly Factory. Shopping & eating on those trips, no veggie buying. The Jelly Factory closed a few years ago. That was always our destination point. It was a huge barn filled to the brim with antiques, gourmet food, trinkets & treasures. Tons & tons of eye candy. So sad that it is now gone. I have not been inspired to make that trip since. My grandma has been gone for about 6 years now. We all miss her a lot. She was truly our family matriarch. My trip yesterday was a chance to spend some time with her again, at least in my memories. I took along my faithful camera. Enjoy the shots I took of the farm stands, full of color and all those glorious crops. Happy fall everyone!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

18 Years Ago Tonight.......

Exactly 18 years ago, I was 2 weeks over due for my 1 st child. My sister, Kathi, who had shared my pregnancy with me, had her daughter, Elizabeth, a week before on October 1 st, while I was in a room a few doors down being induced. I was sent home, my baby was not ready to come that night. So another uncomfortable week in sued. I held my sisters baby, which only made me more impatient to hold my own. At that point I did not know the sex of my baby. I wanted to be surprised and really didn't care what sex it was, as long as he or she was healthy. My Mom invited me over for dinner and had made some extra spicy chili. She had been told that eating spicy food could bring on labor. Well, we will never know for sure if it was the chili, but I went into labor a few hours later. After a difficult labor & delivery, I met my son. We had already picked out his name, Jordan Daniel. I was expecting a Gerber baby, and what I got was a very pink, marked up ( from forceps) baby, who at moments resembled a little old man. I remember looking at him and falling deeply in love. Everything had changed! Jordan was the happiest little baby, smiling and belly laughing at the slightest inkling. He had the blondest hair, almost white and everyone adored him.

My son is now 18 years old. He has grown into a handsome young man who has a wonderful soul. He is smart and charming and I am so proud he is my son. He still can win me over in a minute with that smile of his. It is hard to believe all that time has passed. Where did it go? I sat this evening and looked at some pictures of him as a younger child, getting all warm with the memories. I don't think I can love any deeper than I love my children. I am sad that those younger days are gone but am excited in what the future holds for this young man. He is still trying to decide where his future will take him, but whatever he decides , he will do well at it. He has been a wonderful son, always worrying about his Mom, making sure I am OK. I trust him because he has never given me a reason not to. He takes care of his sister and watches over her and helps keep his Dad in line. He truly has been a gift and I am so glad he is my son and been a part of my life. Happy Birthday Jordan. May your life be filled with the joy you have and still bring to our lives. I love you!