Friday, October 30, 2009


Okay, I took one of my sketches, transferred it to a small canvas and started to play. I collaged. I painted. I textured. I love texture. I had a real hard time getting the color right on the horse. I'm not sure if I am thrilled with it, but here it is. I am just using cheap acrylic paints. I am always very hard on myself. I started another canvas with my other sketch. I need to do some other things today so I'll just let that one sit at the moment. At least I am somewhat motivated to do something the past couple of days. I have in the back of my mind to do metal clay bezels, photoshop my paintings to fit, then fill with resin to make pendents. I am also thinking about transferring my work to fabric and doing something there as well. Lots of ideas, lets see what becomes of them.

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Kerri Jean said...

Great painting. Love the colors and textures.