Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Harvest & Memories favorite time of the year. I love the colors, the crisp air, and all else that comes with it. Yesterday, I took a short trip to Schoharie, with my Mom, to buy vegetables to freeze and can. I remember taking this trip as a child with my Mom and Grandmother. We would stop at all the farm stands and load up on apples, potatoes, and if I was lucky cider donuts, YUM! I also remember the 50 lb bag of carrots my Grandmother inevitably would buy every year. I considered buying a bag this year, but mostly for the horses. Once home, potato peelers in hand, we children would have the task of peeling that 50 lb bag of carrots. Not so fun. Nonetheless,I still begged to be included on this annual trip. I'm not sure just when this annual trek ended. Maybe around the time my parents divorced. In later years this trip was replaced with our fall trip to Vermont, up historic Rt 7, to the Jelly Factory. Shopping & eating on those trips, no veggie buying. The Jelly Factory closed a few years ago. That was always our destination point. It was a huge barn filled to the brim with antiques, gourmet food, trinkets & treasures. Tons & tons of eye candy. So sad that it is now gone. I have not been inspired to make that trip since. My grandma has been gone for about 6 years now. We all miss her a lot. She was truly our family matriarch. My trip yesterday was a chance to spend some time with her again, at least in my memories. I took along my faithful camera. Enjoy the shots I took of the farm stands, full of color and all those glorious crops. Happy fall everyone!

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