Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Benefit Horse Show

So, this past Sunday was our benefit horse show at the farm to promote the cause of finding adoptive homes for  ex racehorses, who have been injured or are not fast enough from entering the slaughter pipeline. Unfortunately, we did not get the entries we were hoping for. We also has T-shirts made for the event and still have LOTS left over! I designed the logo and I think the shirt came out fantastic! If anyone is interested in purchasing a T-shirt and helping the horses go towww.thinkyourride.com and to the "pay here" link.

The silent auction bombed! I had so many great items. People were so generous with their donations. I am not giving up!  I am taking what I still have  and doing an online auction. Hopefully this will do better
On a good note, a thoroughbred was adopted out AND it is being boarded at our farm. His name is "Laud Lazarus". So we get to see & play with him.

We also received lots of media attention and maybe more people will take a look at one of these amazing horses, when looking for a new horse.

My daughter, Mariah rode my horse "Jerry" and was Reserve Grand Champion OTTB for the day. Her horse, Hoy, is injured and could only be shown in the parade and in hand classes...which he won!

All in all a good day and I am very proud of what we all accomplished.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


In my kitchen I have an old wine rack with a wood block that I want to refinish. I want to paint the base a charcoal black and then using a vintage image from http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com, paint a sign on the wood.I plan on painting my kitchen a dove grey with black & white toile curtains and red accents. I love typography and signs and am going for a french country feel. I think the wine rack will fit in nicely.

My next project will be a vintage pastry table with an metal top. I would like to use a red chalk paint on this and re finish the wood side table in a natural stain.

My 3rd project is a birdhouse my sister in law owns that her father made. She loves the ocean and Cape Cod, so I thought I would decorate it in an ocean theme. Need to think on this for awhile.

So with these 3 projects and everything else that i want to do, I should be able to stay very busy. I can't start on any of this, this week. The benefit horse show I have been working on for 7 months is on Sunday. So many last minute details to work on.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Playin with PMC

I wanted to share some pieces I made with precious metal clay. I took a rings class ( the second time) with Nancy Miller   nancymillerjewelry.com.

I was thrilled with the end results and came away with lots of inspiration and my head spinning with ideas. That's usually what happens. Now I have a sketchbook next to my bed. I am sure I am not the only one who comes up with great ideas in the middle of the night only to forget them in the morning. Instead of my head spinning with no real sense of direction, I can look at my sketches and focus on what it is I want to complete. If you read my blog or know me, you know that I love my horses. I incorporate what I love into my jewelry. I have an Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/Giggleworks where I hope some of the pieces will sell to help to support my PMC habit. Silver is VERY expensive lately so I need to limit how much I use it. The bracelet I finished yesterday ( pictured) has a metal clay focal  and then I combined it with leather and some sterling. The horse head on the PMC is from a sketch I did. I made a PPP ( photo polymer plate) of it and transferred the image to the clay. I then dried, sanded, fired, patina ed and polished. It sat on the work table for weeks until I was inspired to finish it.

I love the wrap bracelets that are so the rage lately and am teaching myself how to make one. My first attempt is coming out good. I just need to get more beads to finish it. I am going to make some PMC components to add to them. I am also working on making horsehair bracelets. I will post pictures when I get one done. All the horses are wondering why I am following them around with a pair of scissors. LOL!

Ohhhh.....the rings! I am keeping the square one and am finishing the other by adding an image and resin into the frame. That one is going to my Momma.

I'm gonna make more............they were so rewarding to do. I loved the finished product!