Friday, December 26, 2008

P.S. My other obsession, Look at that face!

We saw "Hoy" today after 2 weeks of craziness that kept us from him.I love that face. He is sooo cute. What A good horse he is! He is at a new barn, putting on weight, and doing just fine. We moved him the end of November for reasons I do not want to get into, but for his and our own well fare. He is farther away, so harder to visit on a daily basis and I miss him terribly. He is a great horse! He tries to please us so much, and is so patient with us as we learn about him. We left him in his snowy pasture, next to his cute little mare girlfriend, all happy and warm and munching on the X-mas treats we left him. We love you "Hoy Boy!"

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