Thursday, January 22, 2009


Is it the grey days and snow covered landscape? Is it because I feel like staying warm and hibernating? I have no motivation! I get up each morning and make a plan in my head and then........I can't seem to get moving. Of course, this then leads me to feel guilty and I will feel bad about my actions. I normally like the outdoors and fresh air but for whatever reason...I just want to stay hunkered down inside wrapped in a blanket. I was going to clean the office/studio today. It is the same as when I moved in 4 months ago. I sat down at this computer to check my e mail, banking, etc. & all my motivation went out the window. I am going to post a picture of my mess and maybe that will give me some motivation to get the job done so the whole world does not think I'm a slob. Besides, I need a clean palette to start working. I want to work on my PMC jewelry. I have some great ideas and need to get them out and not just whirling around my head. I hate wasting time. I get so little free time, then when I have it I don't do anything. Aaaargggghhhh!!! It drives me crazy

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