Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maybe someday....

I so want to be part of this blogging world. I get so much inspiration from others that do. My interests range from jewelry making with PMC, to collage, & mixed media paper arts. I am a fledgling artist, getting better at my skills all the time. I am having trouble getting my thoughts out there. I in no way expect to be as philosophical as Nina, and can only hope to half as good as some of the artisans I link to. I would like to communicate as often as I can. I will continue to comment and if any of you come to my blog, give me suggestions as to how I may expand my horizons. creating gives me the peace I long for. I get so absorbed in what I am doing, time flies! I get so little time to create the ideas swirling in my head. So many get lost. Someday I hope to attend some of the art retreats that have instructors whose work I admire so much. Not many come to the east coast that I am aware of. I will keep plugging away and learning as I go, and I will see what happens.

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