Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Back..finally!!!!!!!

It's been awhile and some changes have been made. After moving last September, we no longer had broadband. Yes, we have good ole dial up. It's the pay off to living in what I call God's country, heaven on earth. I lost my step mom in October to cancer, after a diagnosis in mid September. Life has been a kind of blur since. Spring has brought out the life in me and ignites my hopes for the future. I purchased a copy of "Artful Blogging" and it inspired me to start my blog again. After an hour or so of trying to retrieve my user name & password, I am here. I find this process of putting my words out in cyberland helps me connect to my soul. I can share the little joys in my life with others who share their joys with me. I love reading others blogs who have similiar interests as I. It also rekindles a spark sometimes buried deep inside to create what I love and write about my simple pleasures and be me. The real me is so far beneath the surface and is fighting to come out. I am buried beneath responsibility, sorrow, and frustration. I want to be me ,and live a joyful life. I am on this journey and plan to make this blog a journal of what I find inspiring. I look forward to meeting new friends and freeing my spirit.

The picture I have included for this post is part of my little sanctuary I am trying to create on my deck. My favorite thing to do these days is sit out there in the morning listening to the birds and having my coffee. It is my meditation of sorts.

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