Thursday, August 23, 2007

Keum Boo Cool!

This past Monday I took a PMC class with Nancy Miller
,of Saratoga Springs, NY, using keum Boo.I have learned everything I know about PMC from Nancy. She is a marvelous teacher and makes the most amazing jewelry. I have not been able to work too much on my art. We are moving and most of my things are in boxes. It was a wonderful break taking this class and I am in love with the results. I wasn't thoroughly impressed with Keum Boo until I actualy saw it myself. The gold with a liver of sulfer patina, makes me sooo happy! I had this skeleton key and wanted to make a silver heart to put behind it, or a star. My drawings did not come up with anything I was thrilled with. So I decided on wings. The "winged key" will be part of a necklace I want to make for myself. I have an "idea" in my head. Lets see if I can bring it too life. Also in the photo are Celie Fago inspired lentil beads I am making earrings from and a geometric bead I will use in something else. The square piece, made from scraps, has an impression of a horses head I made for my horsey daughter.

I am just starting to think of myself as an artist and seem to be growing into the role slowly. I have always known I could be creative but it has been suppressed for all my life. I just wouldn't or couldn't let it out. Once I started to let myself feel and see, the possibilities seem endless. I am inspired by other artists and follow what they do and what inspires them. I have not yet created my own style, but my guess is that will come in time. Right now I am learning new techniques and appreciating others style in hopes someday it will begin to emerge in what I do as something unique and beautiful. My confidence hopefully will build as I continue to grow and I will not feel so awkward calling myself an artist. My new home will have a studio ( I even feel weird saying that) for me to retereat to. My plan is to fill my spare time creating the visions in my head. Then I will be a true artist and not just a wanna be.

Things that inspire me. Nature, animals, vintage jewelry, old photos , landscapes, the sea

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Catherine said...

You are doing it exactly right! But I have to say one thing. You could just shift your writing or speaking to "I am an artist", because you already are, and you already chose it a while ago. The fact that you are moving in that direction is proof. You know all "true artists" pretty much still have to do laundry, grocery shopping, raise kids and move.

Nice keum boo!

Thanks for visiting me and commenting. Bravo for making a bird house! You have my blessing. Send me a picture if you can, I would love to see it. Catherine