Monday, August 6, 2007

Meet "Zoe"

I introduce you to "Zoe", my kitty angel who watches over me. Also known as "Zozo, Beautiful girl, Princess Cat or anything else that happens to pop out of my mouth. I saw her picture through an adoption rescue years ago and HAD to have her. I was at Petsmart's door as soon as they opened hoping to be first in line to adopt "my girl" Another young girl had beaten me to the cage where the kittens were sitting and I held my breathe as she reached in and , Thank God!, picked a little black & white boy. I asked my then, 7 year old son, to grab that kitten before anyone else does and hang on to her. Who would steal a kitten from a child's hand, right? Well , after lots of paperwork and $80.00 later I held this tiny dewdrop of a kitty under my coat for her trip to her new home. She has grown to be one of my best friends. She is waiting when I get home to give me her famous tail hugs and is asleep right next to me when I wake in the morning. She knows I adore her and I can almost hear her say "I know", as I tell her how wonderful she is everyday. She just listens to all the adorations and seems bored with it all. As I sit here writing this blog she has walked over my keyboard numerous times in an attempt to get me to adore her, which she feels I need to do every waking moment. She has finally given up and is curled up next to me on the desk waiting for me to move on to something else. Today I am grateful for "Zoe". I have had a hard day and she helps me forget the rough day and take time just to adore her. She will assist me and follow me in all I do until I lay down in bed and call her name. She will then jump up and walk over my head, stepping on my hair (ouch!) and then curling up purring in my face, She washes my forehead with her rough tongue and I will tell her I love her before I fall asleep. I am sure once I fall asleep she leaves and prowls the house but she is there when I wake in the morning. Thank God for my beautiful "Zozo", she helps keep me sane.

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