Thursday, November 6, 2008

How quick things change

You will read this post and probably say "OH,my GOSH! Things sure do change fast." And they have. In the end of June I decided I needed to end my turmultous marriage of 15 years. A month after that my kids & I moved to a new home once again. I feel my life is truly changing now. With every change I have had in the past few years I had hoped that THAT change was going to be for the best. It never was. I finally got the courage to change the one thing that I feel was drowning me and that was to end my marriage. Once I made that decision, I have never looked back. So many good things have happened to me since and the kids and I all seem so much happier. Yes, there are still problems, however they are problems I can solve. The problem with my marriage was that it was a problem I could not solve. Only my husband could and he did not see it as a problem or want to change it.

Since moving I have a renewed energy and creativity. I look at everything a bit different. I see a future ahead of me with lots of adventure. So here I go again.

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