Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Motivated, etc.

I finally finished 2 pieces I have had in the works for literally years. My studio is somewhat in order. ( I know, I promised pictures ) and I was motivated to get my stuff out and get to work. I made ear wires and polished my bronze earrings I made in class. Some of these are listed on my ETSY site. Started work again yesterday after a quite, productive vacation. I have LOTS of paper work to catch up on at work. Sometimes it's not worth taking a vacation. Hopefully this won't keep me from being more productive making jewelry. I have many unfinished projects that need to be strung or something added. I also have many ideas floating in my brain. I am going to donate a portion of any of my equine pieces to the rescue and re training of retired thoroughbreds. This is a subject that is close to my heart. Our "Hoy" is a retired racehorse, who might have ended up in the slaughterhouse if he did not end up in rescue. This, after winning races and someone actually paying $110,000 for him as a yearling at the Keeneland. He was injured and thrown away. It is very sad. Anyway, right now, life is good and I'll keep plugging away.

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