Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My head is in a fog .

I am sick of being sick. I have had this virus for 8 days now and I am ready for it to be over with. I do not even have the energy to work on my jewelry or anything else productive. Oh, I did complete a collage I was working on last week. I titled it "Blue Boy" I think it is OK. I wish I had more confidence in my work. Being self taught I have no one to get feedback from. I do take pictures and show them to friends and they all say, "How nice." I have a small ETSY shop that possibly I can sell some of my work. I just started it and have not sold anything yet. I would like to get good enough that I can earn a some extra money after I retire. I enjoy the creative process very much and sometimes I can't sleep with all the ideas spinning in my head. I do have a small journal that I have sketches but not all these wonderful ideas I have get in there and many are gone forever. I haven't yet found my niche . I am hoping something will click at some point and I can take all the ideas I have and come up with something truly unique. But today is not the day. My head is in a fog and I cannot think clearly. I am going to rest the majority of the day. Nothing good on TV so I decided to check out this BLOG thing.

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