Thursday, November 10, 2011

Follow the signs!

Here is recycling /re purposing at its best. I found this old wood in a pile in the back. They were the perfect size to make painted signs. I sanded them lightly, painted and distressed them. I thought long and hard on how to put the wording on. I finally used my sister's Cricut and made word stencils. I copied the stencil with a pencil and then hand painted them in. Then the fun began...the distressing! I sanded, crackled, hammered, scratched, stamped, until I had the worn chipped look I love. I used a walnut stain to further deepen the patina and sealed with a polyacrylic. I am very pleased with how they came out. I gave a couple as gifts and have a few more pieces of wood to work on when the inspiration strikes me. These were a lot of fun to do and urge anyone who wants a vintage looking sign like the ones you see in catalogs and in stores, for a lot less money.

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