Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Believe in me and stress free!

It's June and here on planet Westerlo, it has been quite chilly for the past few days. Did some flea marketing and found a couple of treasures. I am now the proud owner of a vintage dress form!!!!!! Yeah!!!!! I am going to use it to display my jewelry. With all the time on my hands, my little country garden is coming along. I still want a vintage bike to hang a basket of flowers on. Through a facebook page, Flea Market Gardening, I was inspired to make some recycled glass garden totems. The picture here is the first one I completed. I gathered a few more dishes in my travels and will make a few more as gifts.

Our horse, "Hoy" injured his leg a week ago. It has been a daily ritual to go hose his leg, ice it, poultice it and wrap it. The attention has paid off as it seems to have solved the issue. It always amazes me how delicate those creatures are, for as big as they are. My old guy "Jerry" has been loosing weight and that concerns me. We are changing his diet because giving him more wasn't doing it. I have complete faith in the barn owner and will do what she suggests. I still worry about him. I have only had him since last August and I am hoping there is not an underlying issue.

So with the gardening, horsey stuff, painting and making  jewelry, I am keeping myself pretty busy. I need to have surgery on my knee soon. They tell me it won't be a long recovery. That makes me happy!!!! But in spite of my injuries, I am doing well and enjoy the lack of stress in my life. I can breathe now!!!! I'll be back soon, but check out the picture of my little recycled glass planter.  Cheers!

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