Saturday, July 28, 2007

A new home, a new life , & hopefully , some peace

Very soon, my family & I, we will be beginning a new chapter in our lives. We are moving to a new home in the hill towns of NY. A brand new home, in the middle of nowhere, but yet , not too far off the beaten path. The air is cleaner, it is quiet and peaceful. We will be close to the barn where our horse is boarded ( another sanctuary for me). The drive to work will be longer, but the time in the car is my thinking time. I will have time to think about the coming day on the way in, and what needs to be accomplished. On the way home I can de stress from a hard day and enjoy an evening in a quiet, setting. I am looking forward to making this space my own, unpacking all my belongings that have been in storage way too long. It will be like Christmas! My children are excited about the move and a new school ( who would have thought????). I will be farther away from my family, however when we lived close, everyone was still too busy with their own lives. Our visits together will mean more now and we will appreciate each other more. Change can be scarey, and change can be wonderful. We will never get anything wonderful unless we take a chance and change our lives as they are now. We are all going to take a deep breath and take a plunge. My hopes it will be a wonderful adventure. I will keep you posted as time goes on. Photos show you the beautiful views that we will be blessed with every day. Enjoy!

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